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Leadtools.Jpip.Server Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Jpip Server classes.

Class Description
Class ConfigurationDefaults Contains the default values for the JpipConfiguration class.
Class DelegatedServer Defines all of the properties needed to delegate a client's requests to another JPIP server.
Class DelegatedServersCollection Represents the collection of DelegatedServer
Class JpipConfiguration Reads configuration values from a configuration file.
Class JpipServer Provides a simple, programmatically controlled JPIP protocol server.
Class JpipServerConfiguration Defines the configuration options for a JpipServer
Class RequestReceivedEventArgs Provides data for the JpipServer.RequestReceived event.
Class ResponseSendingEventArgs Provides data for the JpipServer.ResponseSending event.
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Leadtools.Jpip.Server Assembly