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The LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript SDKs are a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and Web Services that enable web developers to create zero-footprint, cross-platform applications with document and medical imaging functionality. Developers can target desktop PCs and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and more, with a single application featuring robust image display and processing support for mouse and multi-touch gestures.

The Leadtools.Controls.Medical JavaScript library provides objects and functions to create zero-footprint, platform-independent web applications for displaying DICOM images from any PACS. This allows for fast, lightweight fully customizable DICOM viewer website creation.


  • HTML5/JavaScript Viewer control
  • Support for both mouse and multi-touch gesture input
  • Tools for:
    • Window-Leveling
    • Series Stack
  • Support for both signed and unsigned extended grayscale images
  • Client-side caching of downloaded image data to increase reload speed and reduce network traffic
  • Support for native HTML 5 annotations
  • Zero-footprint deployment
  • Multi-Resolution and Tiled Image (MRTI) Support for Very Large Images
    • Take advantage of built-in MRTI support
    • Display images up to 1 TB over the web using the least bandwidth possible
    • Save memory resources displaying large images by only loading those portions displayed in the viewer
    • Implement dynamic user interfaces that load the image as the user pans, scrolls, and zooms
    • Transfer only the resolutions and tiles requested by the viewer
    • Cache requested tiles on the server for future reuse 

Supported Environments:

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 / JavaScript toolkit can be used to develop applications for any web browser that supports HTML5. For more information refer to HTML5 Support.

Supported Environments

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