restrictDesigners Property


Gets or sets value that indicate whether the object should be restricted inside the container boundary.

Object.defineProperty(AnnDesigner.prototype, 'restrictDesigners', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
restrictDesigners: boolean; 

Property Value

true if the object should be restricted inside the container boundary; otherwise, false. The default value is false.


The framework supports restricting an object inside its container when it is being drawn or edited. When the mouse cursor or touch pointer is used to draw or edit an object, the designer will call ClipPoint to restrict the position of the cursor or touch pointer to a point inside the rectangle set in ClipRectangle.

By default, the value of ClipRectangle is set to the location and boundary of the Container. In such cases the designer restricts the user from drawing or moving (editing) an object or any of its points outside the container.

Override this behavior by implementing a custom clipping area in ClipRectangle or overriding the ClipPoint method.

Neither the ClipRectangle nor the ClipPoint are used when the value of RestrictDesigners is false.

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