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Overview and description of Leadtools Forms Recognition classes, enumerations, interfaces, and structures.

Class Description
Class DefaultObjectsManager Creates a default form recognition objects manager.
Class FormRecognitionAttributes Describes the properties of a certain form. Attributes are encoded into an array of bytes.
Class FormRecognitionEngine This class contains the form recognition engine that creates, compares, and aligns forms.
Class FormRecognitionOptions Specifies the different options for a Form when it is created.
Class FormRecognitionResult Contains the success or failure result of the comparison operation.
Class FullTextSearchItem Item to add or get from a full text search manager.
Class PageRecognitionOptions Specifies the different options for a Form page when it is added to a form using FormRecognitionEngine.AddFormPage for Forms or FormRecognitionEngine.AddMasterFormPage for Master Forms.
Class PageRecognitionResult Describes the results of the comparison operation for a page, including success or failure as well as alignment results.
Class RecognitionObjectsManager RecognitionObjectsManager is the base class for all recognition objects manager. Objects managers are used to extract and edit certain features in form images.
Class SqlServerFullTextSearchManager SQL Server full text search manager.
Structure Description
Structure FormRecognitionProperties Specifies the attribute properties for a form. This class is used by the FormRecognitionEngine.GetFormProperties method.
Interface Description
Interface IFullTextSearchManager Full text search manager.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration FormRecognitionReason Represents the reason for the recognition results.

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