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FullTextSearchItem Class


Item to add or get from a full text search manager.

public class FullTextSearchItem 
Public Class FullTextSearchItem 
public ref class FullTextSearchItem 
public class FullTextSearchItem 

FullTextSearchItem contains the following members:

Member Description
RepositoryName. The repository name is case-insensitive and used for input and output.
FormName. The form name is case-insensitive and used for input and output.
PageNumber. 1-based page number. Used for input and output.
Language. Content language - Passing null will default to "en-US" (or locale ID 1033).
Content. This is the input content to store and return in the output if required. This is a searchable part of the item.
UserData. User data value. This will be saved to the store and retrieved with the rest of the data. Used for input and output.
ScoreRank. Search ranking score. Used for output.

For more information, refer to Speeding Up Forms Recognition Using the Full Text Search Feature.

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