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Leadtools.Forms.Commands Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy

Overview and description of Leadtools Forms Commands classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
BankCheckField Represents a field from a bank check.
Class BankCheckReader Class for reading BankCheckFields in a bank check image.
Class BCResult Represents a field from a business card image.
Class BusinessCardReader Class for reading business card fields.
Class FieldResult ID card field properties
Class IDCardReader ID Card Reader
Class IDCardResults Results obtained from IDCardReader
Class MRTDDataElement Represents a Data Element of a field in MRTD.
Class MRTDReader Class for reading MRTDDataElements in an MRTD(Machine Readable Travel Documents) image or MRZ string.
Class ProgressEventArgs Reports the progress for specific BankCheckReader operations and offers the user an opportunity to cancel them.

Enumeration Description
BankCheckFieldType Represents the type of field.
Enumeration BankCheckMicrFontType Represents the MICR field type.
Enumeration BCProcessStatus Represents the recognition status of the business card image.
Enumeration IDCardRegion ID card region identifier
Enumeration MRTDErrors Represents MRTD reading Errors.
Enumeration MRTDField Represents MRTD Field.
Enumeration ProcessState Enumeration values that represent the processing state.

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