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AutoUpdateOptions Class


Options that specify which messages to forward when a receiving SCP forwards a Patient Updater N-Action message to another SCP.

public class AutoUpdateOptions 
Public Class AutoUpdateOptions 
   ref class AutoUpdateOptions 

AutoUpdate is a feature of an SCP that services the Patient Updater N-Action DICOM message. When the SCP receives the Patient Updater N-Action DICOM message, it can AutoUpdate, or forward the DICOM message to another SCP.

This is used when the same DICOM datasets exist on two different DICOM Servers. For example, you might have three local DICOM Servers or SCP that create and forward DICOM datasets to a central SCP. The central SCP holds a copy of all the DICOM images created at the local sites.

The AutoUpdate feature is useful in this situation because any change that is made to a local SCP (via the Patient Updater DICOM message) can be also made on the same image stored at the central SCP by having the local SCP forward the Patient Updater DICOM message to the central SCP location.

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