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CStoreCommandConfiguration Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property DataSetStorageLocation Gets or sets the base storage location.
Public Property DicomFileExtension Gets or sets the extension to append for the stored DICOM files.
Public Property DirectoryStructure Gets or sets the information for creating the directories when storing a DICOM file.
Public Property HangingProtocolLocation Gets or sets the storage location for the base hanging protocol files.
Public Property OtherImageFormat Gets or sets the information required for generating images with the stored DICOM file.
Public Property OverwriteBackupLocation Gets or sets where overwritten DICOM files will be backed up
Public Property SaveMetadataOptions The MetadataOptions that specify the metadata generated when calling CStoreCommand.DoExecute.
Public Property SaveThumbnail Gets or sets a value indicating whether a thumbnail image should be stored with the DICOM file.
Public Property ThumbnailFormat Gets or sets the information required for generating a thumbnail with the stored DICOM file.

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