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Overview and description of Leadtools Document Unstructured Highlevel classes, enumerations, and interfaces.

Class Description
Class CustomFeature Represents a custom-defined feature. In contrast to a standard feature, a custom-defined feature allows more flexibility in defining the pattern and location of the feature for which to look.
Class DefaultValueProvider Provides the means to initialize various objects with their recommended default values.
Class FeatureBase Base class for all features.
Class FeatureConverter Provides the means to convert from high-level objects to low-level objects.
Class FeaturesProcessingEngine The engine used to run the features on a document.
Class FeatureValidator Validates the different features.
Class IFeatureExt Provides extension functions related to a feature.
Class InfoLabel Holds definition data for a label object, where label is the value anchor or the text labeling the value. For example, a label "Age: 20 years", in this case "Age" is the label.
Class InfoValue Represents a value info type, where Value is a pattern or labeled pattern in the document.
Class JsonBuilderExtensions Extension methods for reading and writing objects from JSON.
Class PatternMatch When a pattern is deducted from a given text, this class represents matching properties of the pattern.
Class RegexerDbStrategy Implementation of IRegexer interface. This implementation uses an OEM database of potential values and labels.
Class RegexerSuggestion Class that defines the suggestions resulting from IRegexer.ValueSuggestions and IRegexer.LabelSuggestions.
Class RegexerValueLinterStrategy Implementation of an IRegexer Interface. Use it to figure out the best regex pattern for a given text.
Class RegexExpressionDb Database of various built-in regex expressions.
Class RegexResultsTweaks Contains options for the results, post-processing options.
Class RegexTweaks Contains various regex matching options.
Class RulesetValidator Static class that helps in validating rulesets.
Class StandardFeature Represents a built-in OEM feature. While these are all built-in, they are still customizable to some extent.
Class UniqueIdProvider Represents the unique IDs generator.
Interface Description
Interface IFeature Base abstract class for features.
Interface IRegexer Interface for processors that search a given text for regex patterns or OEM built-in patterns.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration ECLocatoin Ego-centric location of a label's value.
Enumeration FuzzyMatching Describes how much approximation to allow when matching text.
Enumeration MeasurementUnit Indicates the unit of measure, which can be in words or lines.

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