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Leadtools.Document.Unstructured Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Document Unstructured classes.

Class Description
Class CharacterInformation Contains a set of character-related information (such as, position and value).
Class FilterParenthesesFunction One of the built-in functions that operates by removing parentheses surrounding information.
Class Function The Function class is one of the building units and provides a way to process documents and other inputs from the element that contains it.
Class GroupElement Consists of a collection of elements and a LogicalOperationElement defining the relationship among them to specify the data of interest.
Class LogicalOperationElement One of the elements that can perform logical operations (such as AND, OR, etc.).
Class RegexInspector Processing member to perform Regex matching operations.
Class RegexInspectorElement Processing member to perform Regex matching operations.
Class RegexParameters Defines a set of Regex parameters.
Class RelativeLocationElement Element that describes information that can be found relative to a certain location.
Class RelativeLocationParameter Group of parameters related to the relative location description.
Class SearchElement Used to search a document for some value.
Class SearchWindowSize Defines the search window used when looking for information.
Class SettingsManager This class holds different settings required by unstructured elements.
Class UnstructuredDataReader A data reader that handles and processes unstructured elements.
Class UnstructuredElement Base class for all unstructured elements.
Class UnstructuredElementSet Defines a set of unstructured elements.
Class UnstructuredOcrEngines Static class for creating suitable unstructured document OCR engines.
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Leadtools.Document.Unstructured Assembly