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D2DTextLayout Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by D2DTextLayout.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor D2DTextLayout Initializes a new D2DTextLayout object.

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method SetFontFamilyName Sets the family name of the font.
Public Method SetFontSize Sets the font size.
Public Method SetFontStretch Sets the font stretch.
Public Method SetFontStyle Sets the font style.
Public Method SetFontWeight Sets the font weight.
Public Method SetLayoutSize Sets the layout size.
Public Method SetParagraphAlignment Sets the paragraph alignment.
Public Method SetStrikethrough Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to add strikethrough to the font.
Public Method SetTextAlignment Sets the alignment option of Layout box text.
Public Method SetUnderline Sets the underline.
Public Method SetWordWrapping Sets the text wrapping.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method Dispose Releases all resources used by this D2DTextLayout.
Protected Method Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize.

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