D2DSurface Class

Represents a DirectX drawing surface.
public sealed class D2DSurface : ContentControl, IDisposable 
Public NotInheritable Class D2DSurface  
   Inherits System.Windows.Controls.ContentControl 
public ref class D2DSurface sealed : public System.Windows.Controls.ContentControl  

The D2DSurface class provides methods for drawing objects on a DirectX device. This class cannot be inherited.

You can draw many different shapes and lines by using a D2DSurface object and calling methods such as the following methods:

Draw images by calling the DrawImage(RasterImage,Rect,Double) method.

Before performing any drawing operations you must call the BeginDraw method. After all drawing operations have finished you must call the EndDraw method. The EndDraw method causes any batched drawing operations to complete, and then returns true to indicate the operations were successful.


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