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Leadtools.Ccow Interfaces


Overview and description of Leadtools Ccow interfaces.

Interface Description
Interface IAuthenticationRepository Used by applications to securely interact with the repository to store and retrieve user authentication data.
Interface IContextAction Enables the context manager to receive requests from context participants to perform a context action.
Interface IContextAgent Enables a context agent to be notified about context changes.
Interface IContextData Enables a context participant to get and set context data for common subjects that do not require secure access. The data is represented as a set of items structured as a name and value pair.
Interface IContextFilter Enables a context participant to get and set a filter containing the names of the specific context subjects whose item values must be set during the course of a transaction in order for the participant to be included in the processing of the transaction. This interface allows applications to ignore notifications for changes to subjects that they do not implement.
Interface IContextManager Enables a context participant to join and leave a common context session, and perform context change transactions.
Interface IContextParticipant Enables a context participant to be notified about context changes that it did not initiate.
Interface IContextSession Enables a context manager to be informed that it represents the active session for a point-of-use device.
Interface IImplementationInformation Enables a component to expose information pertaining to its implementation.
Interface ISecureBinding Enables a component to exchange security-related credentials with another component for subsequent use in interactions that need to be secure.
Interface ISecureContextData Enables a context participant to securely get and set context data. The data is represented as a set of items, each of which is structured as a name/value pair. The context data for all subjects - common as well as secure - can be accessed via this interface.
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