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For pointers to sample programs that demonstrate many features, see the table below:

The Leadtools.Ccow namespace contains functions to integrate clinical context object workgroup protocols.

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Redistributables Paths

Path Target Platform
<installdir>\Redist\DotNet4\Win32 x86 .NET 4 or 4.5
<installdir>\Redist\DotNet4\x64 x64 .NET 4 or 4.5


Library Description Dependencies
Leadtools.CCOW.dll Functions to integrate clinical context object workgroup protocols.
  • Context participants
  • Context managers
  • Mapping agents
  • Authentication Repository
NuGet PackageDescription
Leadtools.Ccow.dll This package is unlisted and meant only for advanced users of LEADTOOLS.

Sample Programs

Name Path Description
CCOW Authenticate Action Agent \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\Agents\AuthenticateActionAgent

A sample assembly that implements a user authentication agent.

Patient Annotation Agent \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\Agents\PatientAnnotationAgent

A sample assembly that implements a patient annotation agent.

Patient Mapping Agent \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\Agents\PatientMappingAgent

A sample assembly that implements a patient mapping agent.

User Annotation Agent \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\Agents\UserAnnotationAgent

A sample assembly that implements a user annotation agent.

User Mapping Agent \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\Agents\UserMappingAgent

A sample assembly that implements a user mapping agent.

Leadtools.Ccow.Dialogs \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\Ccow.Dialogs

Implements dialogs used by the LEADTOOLS CCOW demos.

CCOW Authentication Demo \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\CCOWAuthenticationDemo

Default user authentication demo for CCOW secure link.

  • Log in user
  • Log out user
  • Display the current signed in user
CCOW Client Participation Demo \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\CCOWClientParticipationDemo

Demo to simulate desktop context participant.

  • Demonstrates context session participation
  • Get and set context data
  • Suspend and resume context participation
  • Log off user from all applications
CCOW Dashboard Demo \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\CCOWDashboardDemo

Dashboard application to launch multiple desktop and web client CCOW participant demos to simulate common and secure context participation.

Allows the user to test different scenarios relating to joining secure and common context session:

  • All Patient/Users in all applications
  • Additional user not known to the other participants
  • Additional user not present in other participants or master index

Launch participant demos with or without single sign-on.

CCOW Context Manager Demo \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\CCOWServerDemo

Demonstrates how to implement a CCOW Context using LEADTOOLS CCOW SDK.

  • Define context subjects and subject related security
  • Configure context participant application, permissions to subject and security
  • Configure CCOW agents.
  • View the current context and participants.
Leadtools.CcowWebParticipant.Setup \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\CcowWebParticipant.Setup

Installation package for the LEADTOOLS CCOW Web Participant service.

Install the required components to run the CCOW Web Client Participation Demo.

CCOW Web Participant Service Host \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\CCOWWebParticipantServiceHost

Hosts the CCOW Web Participant service.

CCOW Web Client Participation Demo \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\CCOWWebClientParticipationDemo

Demonstrates CCOW web client participant capabilities.

  • Demonstrates context session participation.
  • Get and set context data.
  • Suspend and resume context participation.
  • Log off user from all applications.
Leadtools.Ccow.WebAgents \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\WebAgents\Ccow.WebAgents

Locates the CCOW Web Agents services.

Leadtools.Ccow.WebAgentsServices \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\WebAgents\Ccow.WebAgentsServices

Web Services that implement the Web Based CCOW Agents.

Typically these services are installed on a central server within the institution's network.

CCOW Web Agents Service Host \Examples\CCOW\DotNet\WebAgents\WebAgentsServicesHost

Implements service host for the CCOW Web Agents Services.

Demo DLLs

Redistributables Description
Leadtools.AuthenticateAction.Agent.dll Required by the CCOW demo
Leadtools.PatientAnnotation.Agent.dll Required by the CCOW demo
Leadtools.PatientMapping.Agent.dll Required by the CCOW demo
Leadtools.UserAnnotation.Agent.dll Required by the CCOW demo
Leadtools.UserMapping.Agent.dll Required by the CCOW demo


JavaScript HTML5

Refer to Leadtools HTML5 - Getting Started for information on JavaScript and TypeScript HTML5 support:

  • Leadtools.Ccow.js
  • Leadtools.Ccow.d.ts

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