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typedef struct _ICCTAG 
   L_UINT32 uSig; 
   L_IccUInt32Number uOffset; 
   L_IccUInt32Number uSize; 

The ICCTAG structure is used to save a tag's information.



A value that indicates the tag signature. For a list of possible values, refer to ICCTAGSIGNATURE. It can also contain a private tag.


A value that indicates the address of the beginning of the tag data element, with respect to the beginning of the profile data stream (which has an address of zero).


A value that indicates the tag data element size in bytes. This value does not include any padded bytes at the end of the data.


The uSig field can contain a private tag, but it must be registered with the ICC registry. The registration authority for this data is the ICC Technical Secretary. For contact information, refer to the ICC web site (

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