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JobOperation Event


Occurs while a job is running.

public event EventHandler<DocumentConverterJobEventArgs> JobOperation 
   event EventHandler<Leadtools::Documents::Converters::DocumentConverterJobEventArgs^>^ JobOperation 
public void addJobOperationListener(DocumentConverterJobEventListener listener) 
public void removeJobOperationListener(DocumentConverterJobEventListener listener) 
def JobOperation(sender,e): # sender: DocumentConverterJobs e: DocumentConverterJobEventArgs 

This event one or more times will occur while RunJob or RunJobAsync is running.

You can use this event to get information on the current operation (loading a page, converting, saving, etc.).

The values of DocumentConverterJobEventArgs depend on the current operation. You can modify these values at certain operations to alter or override the behavior or data of the conversion process. Refer to DocumentConverterJobOperation for more information.

The JobOperation event occurs twice per operation. First with DocumentConverterJobEventArgs.IsPostOperation set to false to indicate that the operation is about to happen. then with DocumentConverterJobEventArgs.IsPostOperation set to true to indicate that the operation was performed.

The JobStarted event occurs when a job is about to start.

The JobCompleted event will always occur when a job is finished running whether the job is aborted or completed.

Event Data
senderobjectThe source of the event.
eDocumentConverterJobEventArgsThe event data.

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