Managing WIA Sources

After a handle to a WIA session has been established, the WIA source to use for acquiring images should be selected. WIA does not include a default device selection feature, so it is important to select a device. Use the L_WiaEnumDevices function to determine the WIA sources available on the system. This function enumerates all available WIA sources and calls the LWIAENUMDEVICESCALLBACK callback function for each WIA source found, retrieving its ID, name and description.

LEADTOOLS WIA offers two functions for selecting the WIA source to use for acquiring images:

Once a device is selected, use the L_WiaGetSelectedDevice function to get the selected device ID as string.

Also you can use the L_WiaGetSelectedDeviceType function to determine the type of the device currently selected at the runtime to check whether its a scanner, camera or streaming video device.

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