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Leadtools.WinForms.CommonDialogs.File Introduction


LEADTOOLS File Common Dialog boxes greatly simplify development by extending Windows common dialogs to provide imaging-specific capabilities. They combine Windows Common Dialog functionality with LEADTOOLS imaging functionality. Common Dialogs are provided for FileOpen and FileSave. Options include specifying your own String and/or Text, as well as handle Language Customization - ideal for localizing software for international users.

Key Features:

  • Extended FileOpen and FileSave dialogs with LEADTOOLS imaging-specific options.
  • Thumbnail Preview option allows the user to preview images without loading them.
  • Thumbnail Preview for image processing dialogs allows the user to preview the change without actually affecting the original image with an optional before† and after thumbnail.
  • The thumbnail preview can be zoomed and scrolled to any part of the image to see the details.
  • A progress bar that indicates the status of applying the effect is available.
  • An optional Help Button lets you provide custom help information for each dialog.
  • User Interface control for the dialogs is provided through flags passed to each dialog function or method allowing the text in the dilaogs to be changed or localized.
  • Optional automatic processing of the image by the dialog to simplify development.
  • Color selection dialogs that support a number of color spaces with the ability to convert between them.

Supported Environments

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