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TwainScanningService Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by TwainScanningService.

Public Constructors

Name Description
TwainScanningService Initializes a new instance of the TwainScanningService class.

Public Methods

Name Description
AbortAcquire Aborts acquiring images.
Acquire Acquires images from the selected source.
AddPage Adds a page to the TwainScanningService's cache without scanning from the scanner.
CommandCallBack Callback to run custom user commands.
DeletePage Deletes the specified page.
GetCapability Gets the TwainCapability value.
GetImage Gets the specified image.
GetPage Gets a specific image page.
GetStatus Gets the status of the service.
Init Initializes the TWAIN service.
IsAvailable Determines whether a TWAIN source is installed.
Preview Gets the preview for the command.
QuerySourceInformation Gets information about the available TWAIN Data Sources.
Run Runs custom user commands.
SelectSource Selects a source for acquiring images.
SetCapabilityValue Sets the value of the specified capability.
SetImage Sets the specified image page.
SetVersion Sets the desired TWAIN version with which to work.
Start Starts the scanning session.
Stop Stops the scanning session.

Protected Methods

Name Description
CreateRasterCodecs Creates a RasterCodecs intance for saving and loading the scanned images.
GenerateId Generates a new session Id.

Public Properties

Name Description
RunCommandCallBack Gets os sets the user command callback.

Public Events

Name Description
BeginImageProcessing Occurs at the beginning of Run(string,int32,int32,string,string,object) and Preview.
ClientStarted Occurs when a client session starts.
ClientStopped Occurs when a client session is stopped.
EndImageProcessing Occurs at the end of Run(string,int32,int32,string,string,object) and Preview.
ImageProcessing Occurs in Run(string,int32,int32,string,string,object) and Preview methods to apply the image processing command on the specified image.
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