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Leadtools.Services.Twain Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy


Overview and description of Leadtools Services Twain classes, delegates, and interfaces.

Class Description
ClientConnectionEventArgs Provides data for the TwainScanningService.ClientStarted and TwainScanningService.ClientStopped events.
CommandEventArgs Provides data for the TwainScanningService.RunCommandCallBack callback.
ImageProcessingEventArgs Provides data for the TwainScanningService.BeginImageProcessing and TwainScanningService.EndImageProcessing events.
PageImageProcessingEventArgs Provides data for the TwainScanningService.ImageProcessing event.
TwainError Contains the TWAIN error data.
TwainScanningService The TWAIN scanning service implementation.
TwainStatus Provides the status data for the TwainScanningService.GetStatus method.
Utils Utility methods used in the scanning service.
Delegate Description
CommandCallBack Callback to run custom user commands.
Interface Description
ICommandService Defines methods to run user commands.
IImageProcessingService Defines generic methods to image processing commands on images in the Leadtools.Services.Twain session manager.
ITwainScanningService Defines the methods required to implement the TWAIN service.
ITwainService Defines basic support for TWAIN scanning functionality.
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Leadtools.Services.Twain Assembly