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ScreenCaptureAreaFlags Enumeration


Flags that indicate which options to use on the screen capture area.


public enum ScreenCaptureAreaFlags 
Public Enum ScreenCaptureAreaFlags  
   Inherits System.Enum 
   Implements System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable  
public enum class ScreenCaptureAreaFlags : public System.Enum, System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable   


0x00000000NoneDo not use any flags.
0x00000001ShowDrawCursorShow the drawing cursor during capture.
0x00000002IncludeCursorInclude the cursor in the captured image.
0x00000004EnableKeyboardEnable the Ctrl, Shift, and +/- keys during screen capture. (+/-) To zoom in/out. (Ctrl) To center the selected area (only if the area is Rect, Round-Rect, or Ellipse). (shift) To draw regular shapes (Ellipse->circle, Rectangle->Square). (only if the area is Rect, Round-Rect, or Ellipse).
0x00000008ShowOpaqueTextUse an opaque background for text.
0x00000010ShowCursorPositionShow the cursor position (x, y) while capturing.
0x00000020ShowCaptureSizeShow the capure area size (width, height) during capturing.
0x00000040ShowInfoWindowShow the Information Window.
0x00000080SensitiveInfoWindowEnable high sensitivity when detecting the position of the Information Window.
0x00000100ImageWithRegionKeep the user-selected region of the specified Area shape in the captured image.
0x00000200UseDefaultValuesUse default values for the rest of the area options (the user will still have to fill in the Size, AreaType, and this Flag).
0x00000400UseOffsetPreviewOffset the preview so the area under the mouse is center in the preview.

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