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Leadtools.ScreenCapture Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy


Overview and description of Leadtools ScreenCapture classes, delegates, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
ScreenCaptureEngine The main class for the Screen Capture Engine.
ScreenCaptureException The exception that is thrown when a LEADTOOLS ScreenCapture error occurs.
ScreenCaptureInformation This class is used by the ScreenCaptureEngine class methods to return information about the capture that took place.
ScreenCaptureInformationEventArgs Provides data for the event handler.
Structure Description
ScreenCaptureAreaOptions Provides information about capture area options to be used when capturing an area.
ScreenCaptureObjectOptions Specifies different options for capturing an object.
ScreenCaptureOptions Specifies information used in the capture process.
Delegate Description
ScreenCaptureHelpCallback Occurs when the user has clicked the Help button, clicked the "?" button on the title bar, or pressed F1 for a control on a dialog.
ScreenCaptureHotkeyCallback Indicates which method will handle the HotKey pressed by the user.
Enumeration Description
ScreenCaptureAreaFillPattern Values that indicate the fill pattern for the screen capture area.
ScreenCaptureAreaFlags Flags that indicate which options to use on the screen capture area.
ScreenCaptureAreaLineStyle Values that indicate which line style to use.
ScreenCaptureAreaType Values that indicate the shape type of the screen capture area.
ScreenCaptureAreaZoom Values that indicate which zoom factor to use on the screen capture area.
ScreenCaptureControlId Values that indicate the control id for which the help was requested.
ScreenCaptureDialogFlags Flags that indicate the screen capture dialog options. A "?" help button will appear on the title bar only if a ScreenCaptureHelpCallback delegate method was passed to the calling method.
ScreenCaptureExceptionCode Enumeration that indicates the exceptions that can occur in this command.
ScreenCaptureFromExeDialogType Specifies the type of dialog to display.
ScreenCaptureHelpType Values that indicate the dialog type on which the help button was pressed.
ScreenCaptureResourceType Values that indicate the type of resource.
ScreenCaptureWindowType Values that indicate which type of window is to be captured.
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