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Leadtools.MediaFoundation Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools MediaFoundation enumerations.

Enumeration Description
AnalogVideoStandard Specifies the possible standard video formats available.
Appearance Specifies the appearance of the control.
BorderStyle Specifies the border style.
CaptureDlg Defines helper and property dialog boxes available in the CaptureCtrl object.
CaptureMode Defines the type of capture to perform.
CapturePreview Defines the source for the preview media.
CaptureState Specifies the current state of the CaptureCtrl object.
ConvertDlg Defines helper and property dialog boxes available in the ConvertCtrl object.
ConvertState Specifies the current state of the ConvertCtrl object.
ErrorCode The list of error codes for generic collection thrown exceptions.
MousePointer Specifies the type of mouse pointer to use for the control.
PlayDlg Defines helper and property dialog boxes available in the PlayCtrl object.
PlayObject Defines objects that can be obtained using the PlayCtrl.GetSubObject method.
PlaySeeking Determines which seeking capabilities are supported by the current media playback.
PlayState Specifies the current state of the PlayCtrl object.
PreferredMediaSourceHandler Specifies the preferred media source handler to be used when creating the media source for the conversion/playback process. ConvertCtrl.SetPreferredMediaSourceHandler methodConvertCtrl.GetPreferredMediaSourceHandler method
ProcessorDlg Defines helper and property dialog boxes available in the Processor object.
ProcessorType Indicates the type of Processor, either video or audio.
ScaleMode Specifies the unit of measure for the control.
SizeMode Specifies how the video window is sized within the video window frame. Used by both the PlayCtrl and the CaptureCtrl objects.
SourceObjectType Specifies the source object type.
StillFormatType Defines the format used to save still images using the CaptureCtrl.SaveStillBitmap, ConvertCtrl.SaveStillBitmap and PlayCtrl.SaveStillBitmap methods
StillQuality Defines the compression quality factors affecting CMP still images.
StreamFormatType Defines the possible stream types.
TargetFormatDlg Defines helper and property dialog boxes available in the cached object.
TargetFormatType Specifies the format of the target media file associated with the CaptureCtrl.TargetFormat and ConvertCtrl.TargetFormat.
TargetObjectType Specifies the media target type used in the capture or conversion processes.
TunerInputType Specifies the possible TV Tuner input types for the installed TV Tuner device.
TunerModeType Specifies the possible modes supported by the installed TV tuner device.
TunerSignalStrength Specifies the possible TV Tuner signal strength indicators.
TunerSubChannel Specifies possible TV Tuner audio or video subchannels.
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