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ConvertCtrl Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
EstimateOutputBitRate Gets the estimated conversion output bit rate, in bits per second.
EstimateOutputSize Gets the estimated conversion output size for the specified duration, in bytes.
GetPreferredMediaSourceHandler Retrieves the preferred media source handler's GUID set using the SetPreferredMediaSourceHandler method.
HasDialog Checks whether the specified property dialog is available.
PauseConvert Pauses the conversion process.
ResetSource Resets the media source.
ResetTarget Resets the media target.
RunConvert Runs a paused conversion process.
SaveStillBitmap Saves a snapshot from the running stream to a file as a bitmap.
SetPreferredMediaSourceHandler Sets a preferred media source handler's GUID.
ShowDialog Shows the specified property dialog.
StartConvert Starts converting data.
StopConvert Stops converting data.
ToggleFullScreenMode Switched the state of the full screen mode.

Protected Methods

Name Description
AttachInterfaces Internal method to attach interfaces to the underlying control object.
CreateSink Internal method to create the event sink for the underlying control object.
DetachSink Internal method to detach the event sink for the underlying control object.
Dispose Releases internal control object and related object references.
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