Demo Programs


Sample Programs

LEADTOOLS supports your programming endeavors with thousands of code snippets, function examples, tutorials, and demo programs.

Demo Programs

LEADTOOLS demo programs showcase LEADTOOLS core features, and demonstrate some of the simple, yet powerful applications that can be produced with LEADTOOLS.

Demo Project Source Code

LEADTOOLS includes complete demo project source code for hundreds of LEADTOOLS features. This enables you to see, manipulate, and copy demonstrated program functionality. Demo project source code is found on the installation path in the appropriate platform subdirectory of the \EXAMPLES\ folder (for example, C:\LEADTOOLS xx\Examples\JS\).

The following table lists some of the JavaScript demos that are installed for you:

Demo Description


Contains the Annotations, Bank Check Reader, Barcode, Driver License Recognition, Image Processing, ImageViewer Styles, MRTD (Passport) Reader, OCR, Thumbnails, and Viewer JavaScript demos, as well as the ASP.NET Web API service or Java service those demos use.


Shows how to use LEADTOOLS JavaScript libraries with Microsoft's TypeScript.


Contains the LEADTOOLS JavaScript Document Viewer, Document Comparison, and Document Composition Demos, as well as the ASP.NET Web API service or Java service those demos use.

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