WindowLevelData Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
canvas Gets or sets the canvas that contains the source image data.
dragDeltaSensitivity Gets or sets the window level interactive mode drag sensitivity value.
enableWindowLevelSensitivity Gets or sets whether to enable the window level mouse sensitivity.
image Gets or sets the image data compressed as a png image.
imageData Gets or sets the array that contains the full image data.
interactiveMode Gets the interactive mode to which this WindowLevelData instance is attached.
renderer Gets or sets the render which is the engine responsible for rendering the image using the specified window level parameters.
resizedCanvas Gets the resized version of the canvas Canvas.
resizedImageData Gets the resized version of the image data ImageData
resizedRenderer Gets the resized version of the canvas Renderer.
resizeFactor Gets or sets the image resize factor.
windowLevelSensitivity Gets the window level sensitivity.
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