MedicalViewer Object


Represents a LEADTOOLS Medical Viewer control for displaying medical images.


JavaScript Syntax
function lt.Controls.Medical.MedicalViewer 
	extends lt.Controls.InteractiveService 
	implements IDisposable 
TypeScript Syntax
class lt.Controls.Medical.MedicalViewer() 
	extends lt.Controls.InteractiveService 
	implements IDisposable 


The MedicalViewer is used to display graphics from a file or address. It provides support for displaying one or more images and for the real-time manipulation of one or more images.

This control is a high-level component for building medical display applications such as DICOM viewers, view stations, teleradiology solutions, and high-end diagnostic workstations found in radiology and other medical specialty departments. When building a PACS for radiology, cardiology, mammography, ophthalmology, pathology, dermatology, dentistry or any other specialty, this control will eliminate project complexity and provide a solid, reliable foundation.

Key Features:

  • Display medical grayscale and colored images, including MRI, CT, Digital X-Ray, and Ultrasound.

  • Adjust screen layout both manually and programmatically.

  • Display overlay information on images, with full control over display text and its positioning inside each window. Includes built-in overlays such as window center, window width values, and field of view.

  • Built-in image manipulation tools, including:


Target Platforms

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