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PubDocumentOptions Class


Provides extra options to use when saving a document using the eBooks Format (ePUB).


public class PubDocumentOptions : DocumentOptions 
Public Class PubDocumentOptions  
   Inherits Leadtools.Forms.Documentwriters.DocumentOptions 
public class PubDocumentOptions extends DocumentOptions 
public ref class PubDocumentOptions : public Leadtools.Forms.Documentwriters.DocumentOptions  


The options set in the PubDocumentOptions class will be used when the user saves a document using the DocumentFormat.Pub format.

To change the options used with the PUB format, perform the following steps:

  1. Use the DocumentWriter.GetOptions method of the DocumentWriter object being used. Passing DocumentFormat.Pub to the format parameter. Note that the resulting object from the base DocumentOptions class needs to be cast to PubDocumentOptions.
  2. Use the various PubDocumentOptions properties to change the options.
  3. Use DocumentWriter.SetOptions to set the new options in the engine.
  4. Now you can call the DocumentWriter.BeginDocument method (again, with DocumentFormat.Pub for the format parameter) to create a new document and add the pages.

Note that this format does not support calling DocumentWriter.InsertPage.

Currently, the MobDocumentOptions class contains no extra options.


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