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AltoXmlDocumentOptions Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by AltoXmlDocumentOptions.

Public Constructors

Name Description
AltoXmlDocumentOptions Initializes a new instance of the AltoXmlDocumentOptions class.

Public Methods

Name Description
Clone Creates an exact copy of this DocumentOptions
Clone (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.

Public Properties

Name Description
ApplicationDescription Application description setting for the ALTO document.
DocumentResolution (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.DocumentResolution.
EmptyPageHeight (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.EmptyPageHeight.
EmptyPageResolution (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.EmptyPageResolution.
EmptyPageWidth (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.EmptyPageWidth.
FileName File name for the ALTO document.
FirstPhysicalPageNumber First physical page number setting for the ALTO document.
Format Gets the document format type associated with this options class.
Format (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.Format.
Formatted Produce a formatted XML document.
Indentation Indentation string to use when producing a formatted XML document.
MaintainAspectRatio (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.MaintainAspectRatio.
MeasurementUnit Measurement unit for the ALTO document.
PageRestriction (winrt) This class implementation of DocumentOptions.PageRestriction.
ProcessingAgency Processing agency for the ALTO document.
ProcessingDateTime Processing date/time for the ALTO document.
ProcessingStepDescription Processing step description for the ALTO document.
ProcessingStepSettings Processing step settings for the ALTO document.
SoftwareCreator Software creator setting for the ALTO document.
SoftwareName Software name setting for the ALTO document.
SoftwareVersion Software version setting for the ALTO document.
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