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Leadtools.CreditCards Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy


Overview and description of Leadtools CreditCards classes, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
CreditCard Provides information about the credit card obtained during the scan.
CreditCardScanner The CreditCardScanner provides basic support for credit card scanning functionality.
Structure Description
DetectionInfo Provides the detected card information (output).
Frame Provides the data for a frame (input).
ScannerAnalytics Provides analytical information about the current scan session.
ScannerOptions Provides global (all frames) options for scanning credit cards.
Enumeration Description
CardType An enumeration representing the types of credit cards supported.
FrameOrientation An enumeration representing the possible frame orientations for Frame objects.
ImageFormat An enumeration representing the supported image formats.
ScanFrameStatus An enumeration representing the status of the frames that have been scanned by the ScanFrame method.
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Leadtools.CreditCards Assembly