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DetectionInfo Structure Members


The following tables list the members exposed by DetectionInfo.

Public Properties

Name Description
BottomEdgeFound Indicates whether the bottom edge of the card was found.
CardImage The credit card image from the last frame if CreateCardImage is true.
CreateCardImage Indicates whether to create an image from the frame image data.
ExpiryMonth The ExpiryMonth of the frame.
ExpiryYear The ExpiryYear of the frame.
Flipped Indicates whether the frame is flipped.
FocusScore The focus score of the frame.
LeftEdgeFound Indicates whether the left edge of the card was found.
Prediction The predicted credit card number based on the frames that have been scanned.
PredictionCount The number of digits present in the property.
RightEdgeFound Indicates whether the right edge of the card was found.
Status Gets or sets the status of the last detection.
TopEdgeFound Indicates whether the top edge of the card was found.
XOffsets An array of x-pixels, where each of the numerals of the card number were found.
XOffsetsCount The number of XOffsets present in the array.
YOffset The y-pixel where the card numbers were found.
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