Saving Capabilities

A file can be saved using the LEAD Proprietary MRC Format, the Standard MRC format, or PDF format with MRC segmentation. To save the bitmap in the LEAD Proprietary MRC, MRC2, PDF or in TIF format, call the L_MrcSaveBitmap function, or call L_MrcSaveBitmapList to save a multipage file. To save the bitmap in Standard MRC or in the TIF format, call the L_MrcSaveBitmapT44 function.

The LEAD proprietary MRC formats used by the L_MrcSaveBitmap or L_MrcSaveBitmapList function differ from the Standard MRC format used by the L_MrcSaveBitmapT44 function in the following ways:

Note: The characteristics of individual images differ greatly and not every image compresses well as mixed raster content.

The LEADTOOLS implementation of the MRC model involves dividing an object into segments. A segment is a rectangular area on the bitmap that can be classified as text, grayscale, or picture, depending on the number of colors used in its area. Segmentation can be performed automatically, manually, or internally. Different types of compression are available, depending upon which save method is being used as well as which segment type is being compressed.

Both functions use the COMPRESSIONOPTIONS structure to specify the compression and quality factor information for the file. The following members of this structure are used to specify compression and quality characteristics to be used when saving an MRC file:

In addition, when saving a bitmap in one of the LEAD Proprietary MRC formats, the following members of the COMPRESSIONOPTIONS structure can be used to specify compression and quality for the additional segment types available to that format:

With LEADTOOLS it is easy to handle the segmentation process, whether performing segmentation automatically using the L_MrcSegmentBitmap function or manually using the L_MrcCreateNewSegment function.

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