OEM License Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We want to include LEADTOOLS in a development product such as an ActiveX or API. Is this permitted by the LEADTOOLS EULA?

A. No, the LEADTOOLS EULA does not permit inclusion in a development product, but a special license agreement may be possible. In such cases, LEAD normally requires a license fee for each development seat that is granted by the customer. LEAD also requires that the customer's license agreement contain certain pass through restrictions. If the customer is using a product requiring deployment licenses, these licenses are required to be collected and paid to LEAD. Contact oemsales@leadtools.com to inquire about a special license for your API product.

Q. We want to grant OEMs the right to modify/redistribute the application that is developed. Is this type of deployment permitted by the LEADTOOLS EULA?

A. No, the LEADTOOLS EULA does not permit re-development/redistribution of the resulting application. If an OEM is modifying and redistributing the application, the OEM needs its own LEADTOOLS license. We can enter into an agreement that permits our customers to obtain these licenses on behalf of their OEMs on a discounted basis.

Q. We provide source code to our end user so the end user may maintain the application. Is this permitted by the LEADTOOLS EULA?

A. No, a customer's end user must purchase a copy of LEADTOOLS if the end user receives the source code to the application, since the source code gives the end user development capability with regard to the application. LEAD's customer can assign its LEADTOOLS license to the end user with LEAD's written consent, if LEAD's customer relinquishes its development license.

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