Creating a Region

LEADTOOLS DigitalPaint provides the following functions for creating a region:








These functions require:

These functions will create regions based on the current region properties. To determine the current region properties, call L_PntGetProperty. To set or change the current region properties, call L_PntSetProperty. For more information on the region properties, refer to the PAINTREGION structure.

The resulting region can be scaled or translated with the L_PntRegionScale or L_PntRegionTranslate functions.

Before creating a region, set the DigitalPaint metrics using the L_PntSetMetrics function.

The following example creates a rectangular region using the current region properties and the current transformations. It assumes the paint handle has been initialized and the window handle is valid:

/* Get the device context */   
hDC = GetDC ( hWnd ) ;   
/* Set the coordinates with respect to the DC dimensions*/   
SetRect ( &rcRegion, 10, 10, 100, 100 ) ;   
/* Use the current region properties and the current painting    
transformations to create a rectangular region  */   
L_PntRegionRect ( pPaint, hDC, &rcRegion, &hRgn ) ; 

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