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Overview and description of Leadtools Windows Media Effects classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class BrightExtractEffect Adjust the image brightness based on the given threshold.
Class CircularShutterEffect Creates a circular or elliptical shutter effect by using a center point, radius, aspect ratio and a color to clear the area outside the shutter.
Class ContrastAdjustEffect Enhances the image colors by adjusting the image brightness and contrast using specified values.
Class DesaturateEffect Increase or decrease the image saturation based on the given parameter.
Class EdgeDetectEffect Detects the edges of the image based on threshold and an input matrix.
Class EmbossEffect Applies an emboss effect to an image, letting you specify the depth and shift of the effect.
Class IntensityDetectEffect Applies binary segmentation to an image by filtering the specified image to detect colors in a specified intensity range.
Class InvertEffect Inverts the colors in the specified image, giving it the appearance of a photographic negative.
Class MagnifyGlassEffect Creates an effect that can be used to zoom in on a portion of an image with options to specify size, shape and color of the magnify glass and crosshairs.
Class RectangularShutterEffect Creates a rectangular shutter effect by using a center point, shutter size and a color to clear the area outside the shutter.
Class SharpenEffect Increases or decreases the sharpness of this image.
Class WindowLevelEffect Fills and applies window leveling on the specified image.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration CurveType Options to specify how the range is used to fill the LUT and the type of LUT.

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