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The Leadtools.Dicom.Scu assembly provides classes for adding high level, ready to use components that provide various DICOM Service Class User (SCU) implementations through the common DICOM messaging interface used in PACS-enabled image viewer workstations to a DICOM Image Viewer application.

An Image Display actor can query a PACS framework or Image Archive for a study, series, and image instances of a patient for retrieval. In addition, the assembly allows the creation of an easy-to-use interface for an Image Viewer AE to store images, waveforms, reports, etc., to PACS.

Key Features

PACS Framework Features

PACS is a framework for easily creating DICOM-based servers. The framework consists of a Windows Service (Leadtools.Dicom.Service.exe) that implements a user-defined DICOM service. The Windows Service provides the following features:

This framework allows the developer to quickly develop scalable full featured PACS (i.e., Windows Service, Association and secure communications, debug and audit log). It also allows the developer to organize DICOM services into different processes (i.e., LAN vs. WAN, secure vs. unsecure, HIS/RIS vs. PACS Archive).

The PACS Framework exposes specific interfaces that allow addins to implement additional functionality for the server. With add-ins you can:

Supported Environments

See Also


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Assembly Overview

Getting Started


LEADTOOLS PACS Storage Classes

PACS Framework

PACS Framework Demo Installation

PACS Configuration Demo

PACS Framework Client-Server Diagram

Programming with PACS Client Framework

Version History

Leadtools.Dicom.Scu Assembly Changes

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