ScreenCaptureControlId Enumeration

Values that indicate the control id for which the help was requested.
public enum ScreenCaptureControlId 
Public Enum ScreenCaptureControlId  
   Inherits System.Enum 
   Implements System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable  
public enum class ScreenCaptureControlId : public System.Enum, System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable   
1OkOK button.
2CancelCancel button.
27000DefaultButtonDefault button.
27025RedRed channel.
27026ZoomComboZoom combo box.
27027GreenGreen channel.
27028CheckShowAreaSizeShow Area Size check box.
27029ResourceViewResource view.
27030CheckSensitiveInfoWindowSensitive Information Window check box.
27031BlueBlue channel.
27032CheckShowInfoWindowShow the Information Window check box.
27034CheckIncludeCursorCheck include cursor.
27035ResourceTreeResource tree.
27036CheckEnableKeyboardEnable keyboard check box.
27038CheckShowCursorPositionShow cursor position check box.
27040DelayDelay field.
27041CheckEnableRegionEnable region check box.
27043RepeatRepeat field.
27045InfoWindowWidth(0x000069B0)Information Window width.
27048IntervalInterval field.
27050InfoWindowXComboInformation Window X position combo box.
27052EditInfoWindowXEdit the Information Window X position.
27054EditInfoWindowYEdit the Information Window Y position.
27055SliderRedChannelSlider for the Red channel.
27056EditInfoWindowWidthEdit the Information Window width.
27057SliderGreenChannelColor of the slider for the Green channel.
27058EditInfoWindowHeightEdit the Information Window height.
27059SliderBlueChannelColor of the slider for the Blue channel.
27060ColorsButtonColors button.
27062CheckOpaqueTextOpaque text check box.
27063CheckShowDrawCursorShow draw cursor check box.
27065StaticColorsStatic colors.
27067CheckUseCrossLinesCursorUse crossed lines cursor check box.
27068PreviousStaticPrevious static.
27069InfoWindowYComboInformation Window Y position combo box.
27070TextRedChannelLabel for the Red channel.
27071LineStyleComboLine style combo box.
27072TextGreenChannelText color for the Green channel.
27073FillPatternComboFile pattern combo box.
27074TextBlueChannelText color for the Blue channel.
27075DrawCursorComboDraw cursor combo box.
27076FileNameFile name.
27077ColorsComboColors combo box.
27079HotkeyHotkey field.
27080AreaTypeComboArea type combo box.
27081CaptureCursorCapture cursor combo box.
27082InfoWindowHeight(0x000069B2)Information Window height.
27083StatusCursorStatus cursor combo box.
27084OkButtonOK button.
27085CancelKeyCancel key field.
27086CancelButtonCancel button.
27087EditEllipseWidthEdit ellipse width.
27088EditEllipseHeightEdit ellipse height.
27089EditBorderWidthEdit border width.
27090CheckInvertObjectInvert object check box.
27091UseEscUse Esc check box.
27092ColorGroupColor group.

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