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Redistributables Paths

Assembly - Class/Namespace



Leadtools.Codecs.DLL - CodecsPdfOptions

The CodecsPdfOptions Class contains properties, methods and events for loading and saving PDF files.

Leadtools.PdfCompressor.dll - Leadtools.PdfCompressor.PdfCompressorEngine

The PDfCompressor class provides the users with Advanced PDF methods to control the creation of PDF documents with or without segmentation.


Leadtools.PdfCompressor.dll - Leadtools.PdfCompressor.PdfCompressorSegmentsInfo

The PdfCompressorSegmentsInfo structure provides the Advanced PDF user with the ability to get or set the information related to image segments.

Leadtools.PdfCompressor.dll - Leadtools.PdfCompressor.PdfCompressorCompressionTypes

The PdfCompressorCompressionTypes structure provides the Advanced PDF user with control over the types of compressions that can be used for each type of image segments.

Leadtools.PdfCompressor.dll - Leadtools.PdfCompressor.PdfCompressorOptions

The PdfCompressorOptions structure provides the Advanced PDF user with control over how the PDFCompressor will do the segmentation for the provided image and controls its behavior.

Leadtools.PdfCompressor.dll - Leadtools.PdfCompressor.PdfCompressorSegmentImageEventArgs

The PdfCompressorSegmentImageEventArgs class enables the Advanced PDF user to approve or cancel the addition of any segment to the document.


Library Description Dependencies
Leadtools.PdfCompressor.dll Core Library


NuGet PackageDescription
Leadtools.PdfCompressor.dll This package is unlisted and meant only for advanced users of LEADTOOLS.

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