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Overview and description of Leadtools Forms Processing Omr classes, interfaces, and structures.

Class Description
Class BaseGrade The base class for all grade objects. Any grade class should implement BaseGrade.
Class FieldId Provides a unique identifier for each field in the Fields collection.
Class ObjectiveGrade Specifies the answers and grades for OmrFields objects.
Class OmrAnalysisEngine Specifies an analysis engine for OMR forms to compute their statistics and grades.
Class Engines A class that holds the engines needed for the OmrEngine to process the fields, such as the OCR engine and the barcode engine.
Class OmrEngine Provides a high level OMR forms functionality to create forms objects and process forms fields.
Class Page Specifies the page properties and fields for all OMR IForm implementation.
Class Pages A class representing a collection of Page objects.
Class RubricGrade A class that helps in computing the Rubric grade of the associated OmrField.
Class TemplateGrades Facilitates saving and loading grade objects associated with ITemplateForm.
Structure Description
Structure OmrGradesHistogram A struct that holds a histogram data that represents the grades of all IRecognitionForm.
Structure OmrGradesStatistics A struct that contains all statistical data computed after grading the filled forms using the GradeForms method.
Structure QuestionAnswers A structure representing each question answer in the provided answer key, alongside a dictionary that contains the frequency of each answer in the graded filled forms.
Interface Description
Interface IForm The base interface for all forms in the LEADTOOLS OMR toolkit.
Interface IRecognitionForm Represents a filled-in recognition form in the LEADTOOLS OMR toolkit. The interface provides methods to read and write recognition form attributes, and process the fields.
Interface ITemplateForm Represents a template form in the LEADTOOLS OMR toolkit. The interface provides methods for reading and writing template form recognition attributes, processing fields, and images.

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