LTDvdWriter Introduction


The LEAD DvdWriter Filter allows creating DVD images and provides control over DVD image composition.

This filter is used with the ConvertCtrl and CaptureCtrl classes when the output is set to the DVD Target Format Type.

Key Features


The LTDvdWriter assembly is part of the LEADTOOLS DVD Module. The LEADTOOLS DVD Module has everything needed to create and burn DVD images, including a DVD Imager interface, DVD Burner, DVD writer, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 multiplexers, MPEG Audio encoder, LEAD MPEG-2 Standard video codec(Encoder /Decoder), and several DirectShow filters to resize and crop videos, as well as filters to convert video color spaces and adjust frame rates.

Supported Environments

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Assembly Overview

Getting Started

Introduction to the LEADTOOLS DVD Module

Version History

LTDvdWriter Assembly Changes

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