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Overview and description of Leadtools MediaWriter classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class MediaWriter Provides the functionality to write the contents of a folder or existing .ISO file to another .ISO file or DVD disc.
Class MediaWriterDevNotifyEventArgs The device event arguments for the current drive.
Class MediaWriterDisc The disc properties object to be used by a MediaWriterDrive operation.
Class MediaWriterDiscType A MediaWriter disc type object. The disc type object relating to a MediaWriterDisc.
Class MediaWriterDrive A MediaWriter drive object.
Class MediaWriterException The exception that is thrown when a MediaWriter error occurs.
Class MediaWriterProgressEventArgs The progress event arguments for the current operation.
Class MediaWriterSpeed The disc speed object relating to a MediaWriterDrive speed.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration MediaWriterDeviceState Provides the enumeration type of all possible device event states for the drive.
Enumeration MediaWriterDiscTypeCode Provides the enumeration type for all supported recordable or rewritable disc types.
Enumeration MediaWriterExceptionCode Codes that identify the MediaWriter exception type.
Enumeration MediaWriterProgress Provides the enumeration for current operation progress.
Enumeration MediaWriterState Provides the enumeration for the current operation state.

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