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ExternalStoreDataAccessConfigurationView Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method GetConnectionStringSettings Returns the System.Configuration.ConnectionStringSettings object based on the name of the registered DataAccessSettings from the connection strings configuration section in the receiver's configuration source. (Inherited from DataAccessConfigurationView)
Public Method GetConnectionStringSettingsCollection Returns an enumeration of the System.Configuration.ConnectionStringSettings instances available in the configuration source. (Inherited from DataAccessConfigurationView)
Public Method GetDataAccessMapping Returns the DataAccessMapping registered for the connection name and provider in the DataAccessSettings. (Inherited from DataAccessConfigurationView)
Public Method GetDefaultMappingProxy Exposes GetDefaultMapping as public. (Inherited from DataAccessConfigurationView)

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method GetDefaultMapping Gets the default Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer.Configuration.DataAccessMapping for the connection provider.

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