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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method clear Clears the LEADDocument that is currently in view.
Public Method dispose Disposes of all internal resources used by LEADVIEW.
Public Method getAnnAutomation Retrieves the current AnnAutomation used by the Viewer.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB getColorKeys Retrieves a list of color keys that are available in the current LEADIVEW version.
Public Method getCurrentDocument Retrieves the current LEADDocument that is loaded into the Viewer.
Public Method getDocumentViewer Retrieves the current DocumentViewer that is being used by LEADVIEW.
Public Method getIds Retrieves an array containing all the document IDs that are currently loaded into the Viewer.
Public Method loadFromLocal Loads a local file into the Viewer.
Public Method loadFromUri Loads a file from a URI into the Viewer.
Public Method removeDocument Removes a sub-document from LEADVIEW.
Public Method run Initializes and builds the Viewer.
Public Method setCurrentDocument Sets the active LEADDocument for the Viewer.

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