NotifyLeadCollectionChangedEventArgs Object


Provides data for the LeadCollection.CollectionChanged event.

function lt.NotifyLeadCollectionChangedEventArgs 
	extends System.EventArgs 
class lt.NotifyLeadCollectionChangedEventArgs() 
	extends LeadEventArgs 

When checking for changes in LeadCollection.CollectionChanged, it is better practice to check the values of OldItems and NewItems than Action, to prevent cases where a NotifyLeadCollectionChangedAction case is missed or incorrectly handled.

See LeadCollection.CollectionChanged for an example of handling these arguments.

NotifyLeadCollectionChangedEventArgs will vary based on the Action that occurred:

Action OldStartingIndex OldItems NewStartingIndex NewItems
Add default (-1) default (empty) Index of Insertion Inserted Items
Remove Index of Deletion Deleted Items default (-1) default (empty)
Move Old Index Moved Items New Index Moved Items
Replace Index Replaced Items Index New Items
Reset 0 All Items default (-1) default (empty)

*: For a Move action, OldItems and NewItems will have the same items.

**: For a Replace action, OldStartingIndex and NewStartingIndex will be the same.

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