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FromAnnContainerToDataSet(DicomDataSet,AnnContainer,DicomDataSet,string,string,FromAnnContainerToDataSetOptions) Method


Converts all the LEAD Annotation objects in an AnnContainer into one or more DICOM annotation objects, and adds (overwrites or appends) the result in a Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet.

Public Function FromAnnContainerToDataSet( 
   ByVal ds As DicomDataSet, 
   ByVal annContainer As AnnContainer, 
   ByVal dsImage As DicomDataSet, 
   ByVal newSeriesInstanceUid As String, 
   ByVal newSopInstanceUid As String, 
   ByVal options As FromAnnContainerToDataSetOptions 
) As DicomElement 



The Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet where the resulting DICOM Annotation objects are stored.


The Leadtools.Annotations.Engine.AnnContainer that contains a list of Leadtools.Annotations.Engine.AnnObject objects that are to be converted.


The Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet on which the annotations are rendered.


The SeriesInstanceUID of the resulting ds. Pass string.Empty to auto-generate.


The SopInstanceUID of the resulting ds. Pass string.Empty to auto-generate.


options that determine if annotations are appended to existing ds, or if ds is overwritten.

Return Value

A Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet of type DicomUidType.GrayscaleSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage containing all the annotations in annContainer.


This method converts a LEAD Leadtools.Annotations.Engine.AnnContainer of Leadtools.Annotations.Engine.AnnObject objects into one or more DICOM annotation objects (text, graphic, and compound graphic), and stores or appends the result inside the ds parameter.

If the resulting DICOM annotation object is:

  • Compound Graphic , it will be added under the Compound Graphic Sequence and for backward compatibility (as per the DICOM Specification) it will also be added under the Graphic Object Sequence.
  • Text Object , it will be added under the Text Object Sequence.
  • Graphic Object , it will be added under the Graphic Object Sequence.

The dsImage is a Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet that contains an image on which the annotations are to be rendered.

Patient, Study, and series information is copied from dsImage and stored in the resulting ds, including:

Patient Information:

  • (0010,0010) PatientName
  • (0010,0021) IssuerOfPatientID
  • (0010,0030) PatientBirthDate
  • (0010,0040) PatientSex
  • (0010,0032) PatientBirthTime
  • (0010,1000) OtherPatientIDs
  • (0010,1001) OtherPatientNames
  • (0010,2160) EthnicGroup
  • (0010,4000) PatientComments
  • (0010,2201) PatientSpeciesDescription
  • (0010,2292) PatientBreedDescription
  • (0010,2297) ResponsiblePerson
  • (0010,2298) ResponsiblePersonRole
  • (0010,2299) ResponsibleOrganization
  • (0012,0062) PatientIdentityRemoved

PatientStudy Information:

  • (0010,1010) PatientAge
  • (0010,1020) PatientSize
  • (0010,1030) PatientWeight
  • (0010,2180) Occupation
  • (0010,21B0) AdditionalPatientHistory
  • (0038,0010) AdmissionID
  • (0010,2203) PatientSexNeutered

Study Information:

  • (0020,000D) StudyInstanceUID
  • (0008,0020) StudyDate
  • (0008,0030) StudyTime
  • (0008,1030) StudyDescription
  • (0040,050A) AccessionNumber
  • (0008,0090) ReferringPhysicianName
  • (0008,0092) ReferringPhysicianAddress
  • (0008,0094) ReferringPhysicianTelephoneNumbers
  • (0008,1060) NameOfPhysicianReadingStudy
  • (0020,0010) StudyID

Series Information:

  • (0020,0060) Laterality
  • (0040,0006) PerformingPhysicianName
  • (0072,0002) ProtocolName
  • (0008,103E) SeriesDescription
  • (0008,1070) OperatorName
  • (0018,0015) BodyPartExamined
  • (0018,5100) PatientPosition
  • (0010,2210) AnatomicalOrientationType

Pass FromAnnContainerToDataSetOptions.Create to overwrite any existing annotations in ds.

Pass FromAnnContainerToDataSetOptions.Append to append to any existing annotations in ds.


For an example, refer to DicomUidOrgRoot.

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