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Overview and description of Leadtools Ccow Services classes, and interfaces.

Class Description
Class CcowContextAgentService The context agent service is the base implementation for CCOW web agents services.
Class CcowParticipantService The CCOW participant service used by web applications.
Class CcowQueryConverter Converts CCOW query string parameters to objects of the appropriate type.
Class CcowService The CCOW service implementation.
Class CcowWebHttpBehavior Used by the services to process CCOW parameters.
Class ClientConnectionEventArgs Provides data for the CcowParticipantService.ClientConnected and CcowParticipantService.ClientDisconnected events.
Class ContextEventArgs Provides data for the CcowParticipantService.ChangesPending event.
Class ContextManagementRegistryService Used by applications to locate CCOW web components.
Interface Description
Interface IAuthenticationRepositoryService The authentication repository service used by web applications to securely interact with the repository to store and retrieve user authentication data.
Interface IBaseService Defines the base interface for all CCOW Services.
Interface ICcowContextAgentService The context agent service enables a web context agent to be notified about context changes.
Interface ICcowParticipantService Represents the Service contract for the CCOW participant service.
Interface IContextActionService The context action service receive requests from context participants to perform a context action.
Interface IContextDataService The context data service enables a web context participant to get and set context data for common subjects that do not require secure access.
Interface IContextFilterService The context filter service enables a web context participant to get and set a filter.
Interface IContextManagerService The context manager service enables a web context participant to join and leave a common context session, and perform context change transactions.
Interface IContextSessionService The context session service enables a web context manager to be informed that it represents the active session for a point-of-use device.
Interface IImplementationInformationService The implementation information service enables a component to expose information pertaining to its implementation.
Interface IInterfaceInformationService The interface information service enables a component to interrogate another component to determine if it implements a particular interface.
Interface IListenerRegistrarService The listener registrar service enables the web context manager to maintain a list of client URLs for notifying web pages about committed context change transactions.
Interface ISecureBindingService The secure binding service enables a web component to exchange security-related credentials with another component for subsequent use in interactions that need to be secure.
Interface ISecureContextDataService The secure context data service enables a web context participant to get and set context data for common subjects that do not require secure access.

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