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Redistributables Paths

Path Target Platform
<installdir>\Redist\DotNet4\Win32 x86 .NET 4.0 or higher
<installdir>\Redist\DotNet4\x64 x64 .NET 4.0 or higher


Library Description Dependencies
Leadtools.CloudServices.dll Core Library
    • Leadtools.dll
    • Leadtools.Barcode.dll
    • Leadtools.dll
    • Leadtools.Codecs.dll
    • Leadtools.Document.dll
    • Leadtools.Document.Converter.dll
    • Leadtools.Document.Writer.dll
    • Leadtools.ImageProcessing.dll
    • Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color.dll
    • Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core.dll
    • Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Effects.dll
    • Leadtools.Ocr.dll
    • Leadtools.Ocr.LEADEngine.dll
    • Leadtools.Pdf.dll
    • Leadtools.Svg.dll
NuGet PackageDescription
Leadtools.CloudServices.dll This package is unlisted and meant only for advanced users of LEADTOOLS.

Sample Programs

<installdir>\Examples\DotNetCore\CloudServices\MVC CloudServices Demo

See Also

Cloud Services (Web API)

Does your application require document recognition or conversion, but its implementation language is preventing you from using LEADTOOLS directly? Consider using the LEADTOOLS Cloud Services Web API instead. It is a high-powered and scalable Web API. Its hassle-free interface can be used to integrate advanced OCR, barcode, MICR, and document conversion into any application.



Getting Started (Guide to Example Programs)

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