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Methods for creating and manipulating ICC Profiles as well as supporting conversions among the RGB, BGR, YUV, CMYK, HSV,HLS, YIQ, CMY, LAB, YCCK, Y41P, UYVY, YUY2, YVU9, and YCC color spaces.



libleadtools.colorconversion.so Android shared object library for supporting ICC Profiles.


Library Description Dependencies
Leadtools.ColorConversion.dll Core Library


NuGet PackageDescription
Leadtools.Formats.Raster.Common Common Raster File Formats Library

For more advanced Color Conversion functionality including: YUV, YIQ, CIELAB, XYZ, YCCK, Y41P, UYVY, YUY2, YVU9 and YCC color planes using ICC color profiles or Emulation Tables, refer to the LEADTOOLS Color Conversion API.

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