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CacheStatistics Class


Statistics for the cache.

public class CacheStatistics 
Public Class CacheStatistics 
public [DataContractAttribute] 
   ref class CacheStatistics 
public class CacheStatistics 

A CacheStatistics object can be obtained with the ObjectCache.GetStatistics method and includes the following members:

Member Description
Number of current regions in the cache. If this is the cache used by the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer then each region represents a document.
Total number of items in the cache in all regions. If this is the cache used by the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer then an item can be a page raster image, thumbnail, text data, etc.
Total number of items in the cache that have expired. This will be a number greater than 0 and less than or equal to Items.

ObjectCache.GetStatistics returns a snapshot of the number of items in the cache. This number is increased and decreased when new items are added, deleted or expired in the cache.

When CheckPolicy or CheckPolicies is called, the number of ExpiredItems will decrease if any expired items are purged. For example, if GetStatistics is 10 and ExpiredItems is 4, this means that the cache currently holds 10 items of which 4 are expired. If CheckPolicies is called afterwards and GetStatistics will be 6 (10 original minus the expired 4 items that have been purged) and the value of ExpiredItems will be 0 (no more expired items).

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