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FinalTargetObject Property

Gets the final target object for this designer.
public virtual AnnObject FinalTargetObject { get; } 
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property FinalTargetObject As AnnObject 
public AnnObject getFinalTargetObject() 
public void setTargetObject(AnnObject object) 
   virtual property AnnObject^ FinalTargetObject 
      AnnObject^ get() 

Property Value

The final target object for this designer. Default implementation is to return TargetObject.


Some designers AnnTextReviewDrawDesigner use a rectangle object when working and then remove it and replace it with the real AnnTextReviewObject object. This is because this designer derives from AnnRectangleEditDesigner that must use an AnnRectangleObject object. However, some parts of the automation framework require the real object that will be added to the container to be known in advance and this is accomplished by calling FinalTargetObject instead of TargetObject.

The automation object uses this value instead of TargetObject for certain operations such as firing the set cursor event in order for the application to customize the behavior based on the correct object type (AnnTextReviewObject in the example above and not AnnRectangleObject).


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